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Argentina: offers hunters what is a probably unique variety of types of hunting.

From small game birds (turtle-doves, snipe, ducks, partridges and geese) to big game
(wild boar, deer, antelopes, buffaloes and cougars).

This variety of game allows hunting practically all year round.


Africa: Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia.

we return every year to this corner of Africa, either to organise hunting and
tourism packages for other hunters wanting a first taste of Africa,
or simply to go hunting again in this fascinating and memorable setting,
unique in the world...
sometimes getting the rest of the family to join us on our hunting holidays.

Welcome to G&G Hunting Services

G&G Hunting Services is a service company that operates in the field of hunting, both in Italy and abroad.

The game reserves managed by G&G Hunting Servicesare organised primarily to offer hunters and dog lovers plenty of opportunities for encountering natural game, guaranteeing a consistently high standard of quality.

Our main aim, reflected in our careful daily management and organisation of our wealth of game, is to preserve the excellence of the Italian hunting tradition...

"...for us, being hunters means, first and foremost, loving and knowing the land and knowing how to manage it in accordance with the logic of Nature..."

G&G Hunting Services ....dedicated to quality hunters


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